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CourageLIVES began as Maine’s first residential home for women who had experienced human trafficking or exploitation, and now we have transitioned to providing all community-based services for people who has been impacted by human trafficking, exploitation, sexual abuse or domestic violence.

Focused on caring, healing and rebuilding, we offer survivors a safe place to heal while rebuilding the foundation of self-esteem and self-sufficiency they need to rebuild their lives.

A whole person approach to therapeutic and rehabilitative care

While every victim of sex trafficking is different, what they share in common is a trauma so devastating it often requires rebuilding their lives from the ground up. At CourageLIVES, our comprehensive care includes:

  • an individual mentor support system
  • individual and group mental health counseling services
  • substance abuse treatment and counseling services
  • educational support and vocational training
  • job readiness and professional development skills training
  • support to secure jobs and long term housing after participating in the program
  • an ongoing, long-term support network for survivors.

“We really want people when they are finished with our program to have the skills they need… So they can live a life that is independent.”

— Carey Nason, Director of CourageLIVES

Please note: For the safety of our clients, the location of CourageLIVES is not publicly disclosed. However, if you’d like to know more about us, feel free to call us at:

(207) 282-3351