Our Services

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CourageLIVES, provides comprehensive community-based services for survivors of human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse, and their families.

While every victim of sex trafficking is different, what they share in common is a trauma so devastating it often requires rebuilding their lives from the ground up. Our staff takes a whole-person approach to the therapeutic and rehabilitative care of each survivor.

Our free services include outpatient therapy, case management, housing support, transportation assistance, employment support, and educational assistance, referrals to resources and service providers, and importantly, basic needs support through our Empowerment Pantry and Courage Clothing Closet.

 At CourageLIVES, our comprehensive care includes:

  • an individual mentor support system
  • individual and group mental health counseling services
  • substance abuse treatment and counseling services
  • educational support and vocational training
  • job readiness and professional development skills training
  • support to secure jobs and long-term housing after participating in the program
  • an ongoing, long-term support network for survivors.

The pantry provides emergency food, toiletries, baby items, pet items, and other household items. The clothing closet provides clothing, footwear, and outerwear for adults and children. We also offer much-needed shower and laundry services.

Our welcoming Center serves as a place for connection. Focused on caring, healing and rebuilding, we offer survivors a safe place to heal while rebuilding the foundation of self-esteem and self-sufficiency they need to rebuild their lives.

Outpatient services are available in the Greater Bangor area for anyone age 18 and over by appointment. Last year, we served approximately 300 individuals in the community. 

“We really want survivors of human trafficking and their families to have the support and skills they need, so they can go on to live a life that is independent and free from abuse.”

— Carey Nason, Director of CourageLIVES